At the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 International Construction Machinery Show in Las Vegas, USA, XCMG’s complete set of road machinery is based on high-quality and complete sets of new products.

Work on the construction of the Motherland and take responsibility for a better world! XCMG is exhibiting for the ninth time and the full range of XCMG road equipment is also impressive.

Municipal light roller elf-XCMG XMR403S

The XMR403S is a lightweight vibratory roller with an operating weight of 4.1 tons, and its emissions comply with US Tier4F and European Stage V emission standards. The product vibration system realizes the simultaneous vibration, separate vibration and static rolling of the front and rear steel wheels to meet the needs of different working conditions; high frequency vibration and excitation force design, high work efficiency and good sealing effect.

Both wheels are equipped with electric water sprinklers and two-way adjustable scrapers, which can effectively prevent asphalt from sticking during compaction. The whole machine is equipped with air intake preheating function, which can realize cold start. The product is equipped with a water-cooled electric control motor that can operate normally at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level and at a temperature of -20°C.

Born specifically for the market — XCMG CV83PDU / CV123PDU single drum North American roller

CV83PDU / CV123PDU vibratory roller is a single drum roller specially designed for the North American market. It adopts the SCR further processing system and meets the emission requirements of the final four stage (Tier4F) of the United States. It can achieve two speed stepless transmission, high reliability and long service life. The long special vibration bearing and the internal cylindrical vibration chamber design have high strength, good rigidity, large excitation force, high sealing efficiency, good sealing quality, large power and other advantages, which can meet various construction conditions.

The free choice of light wheels, PD and other devices can most meet the needs of construction. The ROPS/FOPS cab features large space, low noise and wide visibility. It is equipped with air conditioning system with heating and cooling, air suspension seat, electronic control joystick and LCD display for driver safety, comfort and ease of operation. The engine hood is operated electrically hydraulically, the operation is simple, and the maintenance of the entire machine is within reach.

Leveling Pioneer — XCMG 5 Series Motor Grader GR2605T5

The GR2605T5 grader is a medium duty heavy duty grader specifically designed for the North American market and adapted to heavy duty conditions. This meets European «five-speed» emissions requirements. It adopts efficient load sensing hydraulic system and has low power loss. Variable plunger pump and load-sensing multi-way valve enable the system to respond faster and control more accurately, and can realize comprehensive actions to improve work efficiency.

This product changes the traditional multi-handle control mode and cooperates with dual-handle control technology to reduce the control intensity by 70%, making the operation more comfortable; it adopts a manual automatic powershift integrated transmission with a lockup clutch, which is more energy efficient and efficient. Air-suspended seats, heated and cooled air conditioners are used, and a pressurized cab is optional to improve driving environment comfort;

Smart Evonik creates the future

The «Legion» of XCMG, which enjoys an international reputation, went to North America again three years later, and demonstrated to the world the unstoppable power of the «weapon of great power» with determination and vigor by presenting excellent products. In the future, XCMG will continue to meet the east wind of a new era by offering intelligent high-end equipment, intelligent solutions, and striving to serve the country in the industry, «think, do, do well and do better» and climb Mount Everest in the global construction machinery industry. Walk straight!

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